Las Vegas

$1 Million Settlement

Forklift operator pushed ramp forward striking client. The client sustained multiple injuries and required pelvis reconstruction surgery.

$700,000 Settlement

Valet attendant failed to put vehicle in park and vehicle rolled back and struck client. Client suffered multiple injuries and required a total knee replacement.

$900,000 Settlement

Trip and fall in supermarket. Client suffered multiple injuries and required lumbar fusion surgery and shoulder surgery.

$781,000 Settlement

T-bone type automobile collision. Client suffered multiple injuries and required neck surgery.

$750,000 Settlement

Client’s husband underwent elective hernia surgery. Surgeon failed to consider likely cause of complications. Client husband died in the hospital as a result of undiagnosed twisted small bowel with infarct.

$500,000 Settlement

Urologist failed to properly and timely investigate client’s increasing PSA levels resulting in late diagnosis of prostate cancer.

$450,000 Settlement

Gynecologist failed to properly reform dilatation and curettage procedure resulting in infection and need for total hysterectomy.

$550,000 Settlement

 Primary care physician failed to monitor potassium level of client’s husband who had underlying coronary artery disease resulting in a heart attack and his untimely death.

$295,000 Settlement

Client visiting from New York was struck by taxi cab while crossing valet area of hotel. Client sustained several injuries and required surgery.

$400,000 Settlement

Hospitalist failed to provide proper medication to avoid deep vein thrombosis. Client’s husband died when blood clot lodged in his lungs.

$550,000 Settlement

Gynecologist nicked client’s bowel during hysterectomy. Client sustained several injuries including a rectal-vaginal fistula and required additional surgery.

$300,000 “Policy Limit” Settlement

HMO contracted primary care physician failed to order MRI and referral to specialist in light of progressing neurological symptoms resulting in late pituitary tumor. Client suffered seizures and loss of vision.

$450,000 Settlement

HMO contracted primary care physician inappropriately cleared client’s husband for gallbladder surgery. Surgeon and anesthesiologist failed to properly assess his condition at the time of surgery. Client’s husband died during the surgery.

$400,000 Settlement

Memory care facility failed to make sure inner courtyard door was locked during summer month Client’s husband entered courtyard unnoticed by staff for 90 minutes resulting in heatstroke and contributing to early death.

$325,000 Settlement

Client slipped and fell at her daughter’s rental house. She suffered several injuries and required ankle surgery.

$290,000 Settlement

Union convention worker suffered multiple injuries when a wall of the adjacent booth fell on her.

$475,000 Settlement

Nursing home neglected client’s husband causing multiple pressure ulcers resulting in his untimely death.

$400,000 Settlement

Emergency room physician failed to diagnose internal injuries following ATV vehicle accident resulting in client’s husband bleeding to death.

$300,000 Settlement

Box truck backed into client’s car. She sustained multiple injuries and lumbar fusion was recommended.

$575,000 Settlement

Client’s wife died after nurse at cosmetic surgery center failed to properly monitor her after procedure resulting in hypoxic coma and death.

$650,000 Settlement

Rear end automobile collision. Client sustained multiple injuries and required back surgery.

$650,000 Settlement

Client underwent elective gallbladder surgery. Surgeon delayed inquiry into complications resulting in multiple injuries including gangrene on the right foot which required a below the knee amputation.

$350,000 Settlement

T-bone automobile collision. Client suffered injuries to her neck, low back, left hip and left pinky finger and required hand surgery.

$300,000 Settlement

Trip and fall in movie theater lobby. Client suffered a fractured femur and required surgery.

$400,000 Settlement

Emergency room physician failed to perform a proper cardiac workup and discharged client’s husband with a diagnosis of the flu. Client’s husband died a few days later due to complications of bacterial endocarditis.

$500,000 Settlement

Chair by hotel pool collapsed. Client suffered multiple injuries including a hip fracture and required surgery.