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Helping Victims of Elder Abuse Fight Back

Laurence B. Springberg represents Injured Nevadans victimized by negligent and reckless nursing home facilities. Nursing Homes and their staff owe a standard duty of care to patients. When staff violate this standard, injured patients have a right to fight back against abusive healthcare providers. Victims of nursing home abuse can seek damages to recover costs for treatment of injuries sustained and pain and suffering. In cases where facilities and staff are malicious or extremely reckless, injured Nevadans can seek punitive damages from the responsible party.

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What Can I Do If I Suspect Elder Abuse?

Instances of elder abuse and neglect often go unreported. Family members may struggle to identify the signs of abuse, and injured victims may avoid speaking up due to fear of consequence and shame. Though some symptoms of abuse and neglect are subtle, there are key signs that people can look for when checking on a loved one.

Symptoms of depression, such as a loss of interest in daily activities or withdrawn demeanor

Significant changes in weight, energy levels, or other key identifiers of health

Unexplainable or frequent bruises, cuts, burns, or scars

Frequent serious injuries or excessive illnesses, such as progressive bedsores

Poor grooming or unsafe/unclean living conditions

Instances of damaged personal property, such as broken glasses or torn clothing

Inadequate medical aids, such as missing prescriptions or damaged or missing hearing aids

Unpaid bills and lack of funds in spite of adequate income, or frequent new lines of credit or missing checks

Instances of damaged personal property, such as broken glasses or torn clothing

If you suspect a loved one is facing abuse or neglect in a nursing home, act quickly to preserve evidence and prevent further harm. An elder abuse lawyer can help you file a claim, pursue damages, and protect the rights of your loved one. 

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Elder abuse most frequently occurs at the hands of a professional caregiver or family member, and can take a variety of forms. Often, a victim will endure multiple types of abuse concurrently. Patients may experience abuse in the following ways:

Practice Area Motor Vehicle Accidents

This occurs when abusers steal money or personal property from a victim. Abusers may forge checks, drain financial resources, open unauthorized credit lines, steal benefits, or alter legal documents such as life insurance policies, titles to properties, and wills.

Financial Exploitation
Physical abuse
Practice Area Medical Malpractice

Physical abuse includes any acts that cause bodily harm to a victim. This is also represented by acts of excessive or unnecessary restraint.


Sexual Abuse

Premises Injuries

Sexual abuse to elderly victims occurs when a caregiver forces them to take part in or watch sexual acts.

Sexual Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Nursing Home Abuse

Emotional, or psychological, abuse is represented by threats against the victim, yelling, hurtful words, or isolation from friends and family.


Neglect and Abandonment

Premises Injuries

Ignoring or failing to meet a patient’s basic needs for medical care, socialization, or nutrition is neglect. When an elderly victim in need of assistance is left without resources or a care plan, a caregiver has committed abandonment.

Neglect and Abandonment
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FAQs About Nursing Home Abuse

1. How long does my loved one have to sue for nursing home abuse ?

Reporting mistreatment as soon as it is suspected is vital in cases of elder abuse. Acting quickly helps to prevent further harm and allows for the preservation of evidence. A nursing home abuse claim must be brought against a caregiver or facility within two years from the occurrence of abuse, or when the abuse should reasonably have been discovered.

If a doctor or nurse is at fault, then the nursing home claim also becomes a medical malpractice claim and the statute of limitations is the following:

2. Are bedsores an indication of neglect?

Pressure ulcers, or bedsores, are preventable injuries caused by the improper care of a patient. These injuries develop as a result of unrelieved pressure on the skin. In nursing homes and hospitals, this most frequently occurs when staff fail to rotate/move a patient that is unable to move freely. Too often, bedsores are not identified until they have developed to a later stage, causing significant damage.

3. Who can file a claim against a nursing home?

Injured victims can file an injury claim for nursing home abuse. Individuals with power of attorney can also sue on behalf of the victim. In any instance where abuse is suspected, family members, powers of attorney, or victims should report the maltreatment immediately and contact a nursing home abuse attorney.